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Explore the epitome of premium private shore excursions in Galicia meticulously crafted by Juanjo C., renowned as the most seasoned and sought-after guide with Tours by Locals. Our offerings are a culmination of his extensive regional knowledge and expertise, ensuring an unparalleled experience for discerning travelers. Unveil the essence of each port city as you step off your cruise ship, knowing that this may be your sole encounter with these remarkable destinations. Our meticulously crafted private tours have been thoughtfully designed to ensure an immersive exploration of Galicia’s treasures, granting avid travelers an unparalleled understanding of every locale we present. Seamlessly adapt our tours to cater to your unique preferences and requirements. Elevate your experience with us, and seize the opportunity to create enduring memories that transcend time. Join us on an unforgettable journey through Galicia’s finest private shore excursions.

We can also provide tours that adapt to your specific needs. Come join us! 

Castillo san Anton
La Coruña

Private City Tours Perfect Surroundings

Our mission is to provide unrivaled shore excursions, marked by comprehensive experiences that stand out in our region. Our passion for travel and exploration fuels our commitment to guiding you through these destinations, leveraging our intricate knowledge of the area. Like seasoned companions, we’re driven by the same principle: unveiling every facet our tour cities possess. From captivating history and panoramic vistas to enchanting legends, intriguing curiosities, and delectable gastronomy, we’ve got it all covered. Your unique needs and desires hold utmost importance to us – simply share your preferences, and we’ll tailor an extraordinary experience to your wishes. Explore with us, where the extraordinary meets your every expectation.

Fine Food and Wine

Experience the finest of Galicia through our meticulously crafted tours, where indulging in captivating shore excursions is seamlessly intertwined with savouring the region’s authentic gastronomy and delightful dishes, complemented by a selection of world-class Albariño wines and traditional beverages. Every excursion is thoughtfully designed to ensure your visit is both enriching and satisfying, creating a truly comprehensive and fulfilling journey.

The Best Experience Ever

"The best thing you can do when visiting a new place is to discover it with the help of a good guide"
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